Where: Dufftown, Speyside

About: It is our aim for whisky ice cream to introduce more people to the wonderful world of Scottish whisky.

Whisky offers so much in food as well as ice cream; its richness, cask finish & undertones can all be found in our recipes…well the successful whisky pairings can!

People should use whisky more to elevate food to a higher level and select the right whisky for the balance they want to find, it should be remembered that there is great fun in finding that perfect whisky to compliment a dish.

We hope everyone that visits our town can be charmed by our ‘home of whisky ice cream’ and this taste experience can be one of their lasting memories of Dufftown & Scotland.  We truly believe whisky & ice cream are a marriage made in heaven and would love for Balvenie St. Ice Cream to be synonymous for our luxurious, smooth & well-balanced whisky ice cream!

Must Try: Whisky Ice Cream, from our original Sweet & Sexy recipe to our latest Smoky & Peaty offering.