Where: Mulben, near Keith, Speyside

About Us: Spey Valley Brewery produces a range of distinctive beers from a stunning location in the heart of Speyside. Using the same water and barley as neighbours producing world-renowned whiskies, David MacDonald (a former distiller) uses his knowledge and skills to create unique beers, which appeal to both discerning enthusiasts and to those newly discovering the wonderful world of beer, alike.

Join Spey Valley on the stage this year, alongside Keith Brewery and the Drouthy Cobbler, for a wide range of superb local beers, and a summery cocktail to wash down great street food.

Must Try: Spey’s Software – their newest beer; the 4% session version of last year’s top beery pick at Distilled, Spey’s Hardware. A fruity, hazy, big-bodied beauty of a New England IPA.

Website: www.speyvalleybrewery.co.uk