Where: Forres, Speyside

About Us: At Benromach, we handcraft our single malt scotch whisky and make it slowly, the time-honoured way. Using the finest natural ingredients, our distillers orchestrate every second of the distillation process; there are no short cuts to perfection. Every cask is hand-filled, hand-weighed and hand-stamped before maturing for many years in our traditional dunnage warehouses. Why do we make it this way? Because it creates a gorgeous classic pre-1960s Speyside character: beautifully balanced with a light touch of smoke.

We think the old Speysiders from before the 1960s are, frankly, wonderful. So as passionate custodians of this rare character, we felt honour-bound to give the world back this very special style of malt.

Must Try: Benromach 10 years old is the heart of our range; beautifully balanced with delicious forest fruits and creamy malt, a wisp of smoke and lingering luscious sherry notes.